Synthesis Chandra Interview HR

An interview with Chandra, Architect at Synthesis

Here’s the first in the series of interviews we are doing to understand what makes Synthesis an exciting place to be and grow the careers.

Chandra is an Architect at Synthesis. Today, he shares his experience about a range of things. This interview is being published as Q&A to ensure that you get to read the answers unfiltered. Chandra is a straight shooter which makes the answers even more crisp and exciting to read. So, let’s jump in.


Q: What was your most memorable moment so far at Synthesis Systems?

Chandra: We are working on building the world’s first Revenue Assurance product for the subscription industry. A memorable moment for me is that I had the opportunity to architect and design this product from scratch. It was a great journey with a lot of learnings.

Q: What do you love about the way of working at Synthesis Systems?

Chandra: The product team at Synthesis has a flat hierarchy, autonomy in making technical decisions. The start-up culture, creative thinking, and out-of-the-box solutions make the work seem fun and exciting.

Q: How does Synthesis Systems help support your sense of purpose in your career?

Chandra: The biggest thing for any engineer is to get an opportunity to use some of the latest technologies to solve business problems. This is abundant at Synthesis and always keeps me sharp. Synthesis also provided me with an opportunity to learn and fine-tune my leadership skills through various initiatives. After all, pure tech skill gets you only that far. The leadership skill pushes you to new areas and helps me guide my team to perform well. It is exciting to see that Synthesis is trying to invest and expand the team in the right areas with a futuristic mindset.

Q: How does Synthesis Systems empower you to master your skills?

Chandra: The product team at Synthesis has a very clear goal and direction. Our day-to-day work and planning are directly aligned with this direction. This makes it clear to the team about the expectations and thus empowers the team to master the skills in a meaningful way. Synthesis goes beyond words and provides us an environment where there’s a lot of autonomy in the technical decision-making process.

Q: What makes you proud to work at Synthesis Systems? 

Chandra: Firstly, it’s the sense of belongingness with the team, the product, and the organization. The opportunity to make an impact in the subscription industry using the latest tech stack makes me super proud and at the same time responsible for the future of the organization.

Q: What advice would you give to someone joining Synthesis Systems?

Chandra: One thing is for sure – it will be a great journey with a lot of new learnings. It’s a great time to join the product team at Synthesis. We are using a lot of new technologies like Spring Boot, Hadoop, Microservices, Cloud, Big Data and we are planning to use AI/ML soon.

Q: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve worked on recently and what made it enjoyable?

Chandra: We recently worked on a business problem, where we had to perform some complex processing on a data set and move the data between different systems. We were also expecting a large volume of data to be processed. We solved this problem using certain batch processing design techniques. It was a very challenging and interesting problem to solve. The team came up with a lot of interesting ideas and we were able to solve them collectively.


Rapid Fire

Q: What do you like the most about your do day-to-day role.


  • Impacting organization goals one day at a time
  • New challenges solved every day
  • There’s always something new learned every day

Q: What’s your favorite part about working with your team?


  • Friendly team
  • Open environment
  • Start-up culture
  • Technical ideas and design decisions are challenged by everyone in the team irrespective of the experience levels


That’s the interview. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. We’re proud of having Chandra as part of our family and. the value he brings to the team and the clients.

Do let us know your thoughts.