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Deliver incredible user experience and discover new growth by unlocking the power of subscriptions.  

In the media and entertainment industries, customers expect additional value every time they interact with you. In addition to the content you produce for them, the foundation of this mutually beneficial relationship lies within your backend business system. 

In order to stay competitive, it is essential to integrate a flawless, intuitive user experience with a strategic, data-driven, backend business platform.

Building prosperous customer relationships begins by catering to their unique interests through the customized content or services your business provides. Then, when your content is offered across a wide range of subscription plans, this is when your customers become subscribers. Your business can then utilize data analytics to strategically personalize and optimize your subscribers’ experiences. 

With every subscription experience comes payments— and this task must be as simple and hassle-free for users as enjoying the content; a simple payment method provides the utmost value to your customers’ experience. Hence, choosing the proper backend product— and a trustworthy implementation team— will determine the future success of your business. 

Synthesis provides your business with the guidance you need to choose the proper CRM and billing system and the expertise you need to implement the products into your existing system.  




Furthermore, the world of streaming harbors its own limitations which significantly impact collaboration, integration, and automation. Media and entertainment businesses must recognize the importance of cloud security and additional continuous security improvements.

The broadcasting and publishing industries have felt the direct impact of mobile technologies with its inadvertent shift to digital platforms. Most media is streamed directly on hand-held devices which leads to challenges around tracking ROI and retention, audience measurement, procurement, production of diverse and up-to-date content, as well as copyright issues.

Synthesis provides numerous services and solutions to these pertinent issues, focusing on the audit, procurement, and security needs of the entertainment and media industry. These services include:

  • Billing & Revenue Management
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Finance, Supply Chain
  • Procurement Services
  • Application Services

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Business Advisory Services

Ensures your business and operational readiness to the subscription economy. Provides you a blueprint of the subscription monetization journey along with the recommendation of right monetization partners.

Engineering Services

Brings the subscription monetization blue print to life by taking complete ownership of the engineering process – be it the subscription architecture design or product implementation. Our engineering team can even help you move to a new subscription solution or integrate it with an ecosystem of sales automation tools.

Monitoring and Management

The power of subscription monetization is in continuously innovating and staying ahead of consumer needs. Our experts ensure that you deliver a great customer experience through an always on systems and go beyond that through enhancing the solution to stay competitive.

CoE-Build Operate Transfer

Synthesis takes complete ownership of your subscription practice and works as an extended team. This approach helps you to focus on your business while we take charge of the engineering. Some of the world’s best subscription experts will exclusively work with you accelerating your subscription journey.