Salesforce Revenue Cloud Data Validation and Billing Migration for a Telecom Major

A Case Study

Industry: Telecom

Synthesis Service: Revenue Cloud Managed Services

Products: Salesforce

The Client

The client provides managed IT and secure cloud solutions for businesses, fiber internet connectivity in homes and wireless phones and devices powered by LTE network.

The Context & Challenge

  • The client sought to migrate their billing system and implement a CPQ system to better manage their users.

The Solution

  • Synthesis took complete ownership of the migration and data validation project.

  • Synthesis delivered on Salesforce/Conga (CPQ/CLM) and provided Salesforce CPQ managed services.

  • Synthesis engaged in ongoing system design and project work to increase productivity and effectiveness in the client’s billing processes.

Value Delivered

  • The integration with order processing and standardization of processing systems helped drive process optimization.

  • Synthesis took ownership of the migration and data validation project by migrating the client’s billing platform.

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