Salesforce Revenue Cloud

A Case Study

Industry: Telecommunications

Service: Salesforce Revenue Cloud Data Validation and Billing Migration

Synthesis took ownership of the migration and data validation project by migrating the client’s billing platform

The Client

The client provides managed IT and secure cloud solutions for businesses, fiber internet connectivity in homes and wireless phones and devices powered by LTE network.

The Challenge

  • The client sought to migrate their billing system and implement a CPQ system for better management of their users.

The Solution

  • Synthesis took complete ownership of the migration and data validation project.

  • Synthesis delivered on Salesforce/Congo (CPQ/CLM) and provided Salesforce CPQ managed services.

  • Synthesis engaged in ongoing system design and project work to increase productivity and effectiveness in the client’s billing processes.
  • Additionally, the integration with order processing and standardization of processing systems helped drive staff augmentation.

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