SyBOSS Platform: Subscription Monetization™ Solution

Simplify and Accelerate your Journey into the Subscription Economy

Transforming a traditional business into a subscription-based business is not a trivial task. You need to have a clear understanding of customer expectations, the readiness of your business and organization structure, and then the technical feasibility.

SyBOSS Cloud is a Subscription Monetization™ solution that simplifies the steps in the journey and helps you to rapidly monetize your business relations on a recurring basis.

SyBOSS is a complete, end to end Business, Operations and Systems transformation platform which is offered as a subscription. The platform integrates all the consulting, technology and business components that are required to help you kickstart the subscription journey and then flourish.

A Complete Subscription Monetization Solution 

Get the Best of Both Worlds – Oracle BRM Cloud Native and

The SyBOSS solution brings together the best of both worlds—including Oracle BRM Cloud Native and Salesforce.Com (SFDC)—offered seamlessly on a single platform. Whether you are an Oracle BRM Cloud Native or SFDC user, you can continue to access your favorite platform while benefiting from the additional service components that SyBOSS offers.

Pre-Integrated Solutions for IoT, Licensing and eCommerce

Recurring revenues are made possible by helping the customers subscribe to a given service that is enabled by either IoT, Licensing or eCommerce. SyBOSS platform has pre-integrated all these three solutions to ensure faster deployment of your subscription service into the market. You can start earning the recurring revenues within 90 days.

Complete Subscription Solution from Lead to Cash and Beyond

A good subscription platform offers the ability to manage a customer end-to-end. SyBOSS integrates all the necessary components of a subscription solution from lead management, price management, quote to cash management, billing and invoicing, and payments and collections. In addition, the analytics will help you to predict your revenues and more importantly ensures against any revenue leakage.

SyBOSS Cloud Benefits 


Grow and evolve your business to meet consumer-driven market demands


Swiftly launch and modify subscription offerings


Nurture more profitable customer relationships & deliver a flawless experience to improve customer retention


Reduce risk and time to market with a cloud billing subscription model


Develop predictable, recurring revenue streams


Enjoy world-class security, scalability, and operational simplicity throughout your business

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