Synthesis Migration and Reconciliation Tool [SMART]

Data Migration- the SMART way

Data Migration is a crucial operation for any enterprise, yet migration failure can be catastrophic. Synthesis, possessing an immaculate track record of implementing Subscription Billing Solutions with a deep understanding of configurations and object models, is equipped to manage the migrations effort.


Brad Carpenter, SVP, IT at C Spire and Reggie Perkins, VP of Billing and Corporate Applications at C Spire talk about how Synthesis SMART Migration Platform enabled a smoother billing migration and transformation at C Spire.

Synthesis Data Migration Methodology


1 - Assess

  • Determine Business Case
  • Develop Solution Strategy

2 - Plan

  • Design Migration Architecture
  • Conduct Pre-Migration Check

3 - Migrate

  • Extract
  • Transform
  • Load
  • Validate

4 - Deploy

  • Data testing
  • Finalization

Synthesis Data Migration Tool Features

Plug and Play with Graphical UI
Supports different Source (DB, Files, REST/SOAP APIs, etc.) and Target systems
Multi-Phased Iterations Approach allows Multiple Validations
Provides multiple reports throughout various steps of migration
Configurable – Extraction, Data mapping, Validation, Loading, Performance parameters, and other major activities are controlled by configuration
Flexible – This approach can easily accommodate additional requirements (New Reports, Additional Validation, etc.) and incorporate last minute changes without coding/major changes to the system (minimal regression testing)