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Transform to the Next-Gen Revenue Management Suite for the Subscription Economy

Customers are expecting innovative offers, personalized options and accurate billing from their service providers. While there are several Revenue Management and Rating & Billing Management solutions, the key to a great customer experience is the ability to design the offers, configure and deploy the system and extend its functionality where required with ease. Synthesis Systems offers end-to-end Revenue Management services that enable you to efficiently manage the rating and billing processes, deliver accurate billing and provide innovative offers to the end-users. Importantly, you can improve the customer experience by offering personalized billing options, efficiently handling the billing issues, and enabling the end-to-end customer care across order-to-activate and order-to-cash processes.

Installation and Configuration Services


System Configuration

  • System parameters (Platform params, gparams, ico params)
  • Finance Related configuration (GL Codes, Payment Methods, Credits classes, Revenue Feeds)
  • Event Definitions, Rate Plugin Configuration, Event Mapping Sets
  • External Actions

Product and Billing Configuration

  • Products and One Time Charges
  • Pricing Configuration
  • Discounts and Promotions
  • One Time Charges

Rating Configuration

  • Cost Bands, Predicates, Rating Groups and Rating Tariffs


  • Set up EC, ECSA and Diameter Agent
  • Workflows to process usage from different Network Elements

Customization and System Integration

The true power of any Revenue Management solution is in enabling various business specific processes effectively and efficiently. This can be achieved with configuration of the system and as and when appropriate, extending the system and integrating with the existing infrastructure. The industry experts from Synthesis help you customize the system and get the most out of your Revenue Management investments.


Key Modules

  • Rate, Billing, Account Life Cycle plug-ins
  • Custom volume process applications (Batch jobs for the above-mentioned areas) 
  • Enhanced Care API’s
  • Custom RBM Stored Procedures 

DevOps (Automation, Continuous Build and Deploy, Operation)


Rating and Billing Operations Automation


Set up Tasks, Schedules


Create Automated workflows (using RBA or in-house DevOps tool)


Log Scrapper


Monitor jobs to send critical alerts and notifications


Continuous build and deploy of Configuration and Customizations


ProcSitter configuration of core and custom jobs

Data Migration

Synthesis’ SMART data migration platform enables our experts to take up the migration project and achieve it with minimal disruption. Synthesis, possessing an immaculate track record of implementing Subscription Billing Solutions with a deep understanding of configurations and object models, is equipped to manage the migrations effort.


Key Services

  • Data cleansing
  • Financial Data – BILL, AR, Payments
  • Customers, Accounts, Subscriptions, Products, Event Sources
  • Historic Data (Usage, Bill, Accounts, Subscriptions)

Revenue Assurance

xfactrs, decision intelligence platform for revenue leakage detection, is built with superior global practice, following global standards and frameworks. It provides lightweight, secure, fast integration with new data sources and visually-enticing leakage dashboards. It also generates detailed leakage reports with impact analytics which can be further sliced and diced to pinpoint the root cause. The leakage alerts are delivered to the end user through emails and workflow systems.


Key Features

  • Faster integration with new data sources
  • Reports leakage and reconciliation so you can focus and resolve
  • Conducts detailed Leakage analysis for multiple business processes with financial impact
  • Leakage alerts are sent to end users in an email and workflow system

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