IoT Solution

Monetize your offering without going the route of traditional perpetual ownership models.

Synthesis solution enables IoT manufacturers to monetize their offerings directly in the digital economy without going the route of traditional perpetual ownership models. The solution provides IoT manufacturers with better relationship management directly with their customers and helps them innovate on their offerings. Synthesis provides the whole IT backend for monetization and service management, while the IOT manufacturers focus on what they do best; providing complete infrastructure from monetization to management to support their products and solutions.

Customer Device Management center

  • A self-care tool for the customer technician
  • Dashboard of real-time device status and device trends
  • Customer/automated operations support for their devices (e.g. set warnings based on status, set control operations based on parameters)

Device Inventory Manager

  • Configures, manages and listens to the device to provide technical functions, such as provisioning one or more devices for a particular customer, performing updates to the firmware of the device and listening to the device and collecting data

  • Sets up all configurations required for a set of use cases

  • Manages inventory of the available devices

Device Analytics

  • Real-time analytics let you analyze, correlate, aggregate and filter incoming data streams to maximize operations