Billing and Invoicing System

A Success Story


Annual volume of transactions through Zuora platform

Industry: Healthcare 

Service: Process setup and building Billing and Invoicing System 

Read below to learn how a Healthcare Solutions Provider simplified their billing and invoicing system to enable end-consumers to cut their transaction time by 80%. 

The Client

The client specializes in providing pre-hospital electronic medical record software solutions. Their solutions help healthcare providers and administrators to save time, improve documentation quality and operational efficiencies, as well as enhance the continuum of patient care.

The Challenge

The client lacked a platform that could:

  • Process billing with complex discount use cases
  • Manage product catalogs and sales flows that operated seamlessly with an integrated billing system
  • Process consumption/usage-based billing
  • Provide a consolidated invoicing system that lets them invoice at the account level

The Solution

Synthesis empowered this client by building a platform that integrated products that they needed. In turn, the client spent less time on operations and reconciliation activities, and delivered new products at a faster pace. Their end-consumers were also delighted with the new product platform, as they could now easily process transactions within minutes, not hours. 

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