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Revving up Subscription Revenue Lifecycle: Strategies for Maximizing Billing and CPQ Efficiencies

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Welcome to this series of webinars focused on revving up your subscription revenue lifecycle – Lead-to-cash and beyond.

In today’s business landscape, the quote process has undeniably grown complex, calling for a significant need for streamlining. Particularly, establishing an efficient process for handling approvals related to intricate discounts has emerged as a challenge. The management of complex tiered multiyear contracts, accompanied by ramp-up pricing strategies, further accentuates the intricacy. Additionally, overseeing trial periods and freemium offers within subscription models presents its own set of complications. One crucial goal is to eliminate any discrepancies that arise between the stages of Quote, Order, Subscription, and Invoice generation. To navigate this terrain successfully, insights into subscription metrics have become essential, aiding in both customer retention strategies and revenue optimization. The focus extends to curbing churn rates and plugging revenue leakage, which in turn involves addressing revenue share scenarios. As businesses continue to adapt to evolving market dynamics, simplifying these intricate facets remains pivotal for sustained growth and operational efficiency.

Organizations are constantly seeking ways to:

  • Accelerate revenue generation through more upselling, longer contract tenures, better management of discounts and more
  • Streamline operations and build efficiencies by bringing predictability in contracts, easier customer acquisition, faster quote delivery, Unassisted self-care
  • Improve profitability by curbing revenue leakage

Billing and CPQ are crucial components of a subscription business, and streamlining these processes can significantly impact your revenue lifecycle. This webinar is designed to provide you with actionable insights and practical strategies to maximize billing and CPQ efficiencies in your revenue lifecycle.

Learn how to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, leverage automation and technology to streamline workflows, and harness the power of subscription intelligence (Insights/Dashboard/Analytics) to make informed decisions and drive profitability. Discover the key drivers of efficiency and productivity in revenue cycle management and explore real-life case studies that showcase successful implementation.

The webinar dives into real-life best practices and actionable tips that will empower you to streamline your billing and CPQ operations confidently. Uncover how to reduce errors, minimize revenue leakage, and enhance the overall customer experience. 

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Key Takeaways

Simplify complex billing cycles and automate invoice generation to reduce errors and save time
Know the efficiency busters in the revenue cycle (E.g. Improve quote efficiency, faster approvals, personalized discounts)
Discover tactics to enhance accuracy, reduce costs, and improve overall revenue generation
Empower your team with the knowledge and strategies to Rev up your subscription revenue lifecycle


Tim Dusek Synthesis

Tim Dusek

VP of Sales, Salesforce Practice at Synthesis Systems

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Vijay Raghavan

Head of Delivery, Americas, at Synthesis Systems

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Anil Menon

Head of Incubation and Innovation, at Synthesis Systems