Synthesis Webinars

Business Status Quo to Subscriptions:

Three Steps to Thrive

October, 11 - 2023 | 2:00 PM BST

Synthesis Webinar

Join us for a webinar that will unlock the timeless dilemma of “Subscription Models vs Business Status Quo.” Are you struggling with deciding whether to stick with traditional business models, or to embrace the subscription revolution?  

Our expert panel will take you through the “Three Steps to Thrive” model, which helps you minimize risks, reduce disruptions to your business, grow faster, and, importantly, to do what is right for your customers.  

As an expert partner in Subscription Monetization™ Solutions, Synthesis brings together the best of both worlds Microsoft and Zuora, to accelerate your journey to the subscription world and enable your business to thrive.  


Our expert panel of industry thought leaders will dissect both approaches’ pros and cons, providing a comprehensive understanding of their implications for your business. 


Gain valuable insights into the critical steps involved in this transformative journey, from analyzing market trends and customer behavior, to reimagining pricing structures and optimizing customer experiences. 


We reveal how the combination of Microsoft Dynamics and Zuora can catapult your journey into the subscription world. Our expert presenters will guide you through the seamless integration of these two industry-leading platforms, empowering you to optimize your operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive sustainable growth. 

Through engaging and real-world case studies, you’ll witness the transformative impact of this integration on businesses like yours. Understand how these platforms work together harmoniously, enabling you to automate billing processes, optimize revenue recognition, and gain a holistic view of your customers. 

If you’re an existing user of Microsoft Dynamics, considering implementing Microsoft Dynamics into your ecosystem, or considering adopting the Zuora platform, this webinar is a must-attend event. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to harness the full potential of this powerful combination and stay ahead of the competition. 


Key Takeaways

Faster path to the subscription model – a blueprint
Use-cases that you can start with immediately 
MS Dynamics to Zuora integration
Transition management without disruption


Session Detail

Duration (Minutes)


Introduction and setting context on status quo to subscriptions


Andrew Harris – VP of Sales EMEA – Synthesis Systems

Journey to usership within the subscription world
– A practical view with market trends 


David WarrenPrincipal Director, Zuora

Maximise revenue potential with AI and an integrated front and back-office platform


Jessica Ho – Product GTM Manager, Dynamics 365, Microsoft

Katie Dalton – Technical Specialist for Dynamics 365, Microsoft

A blueprint to thriving in the subscription world. Simplify, Synthesize and Scale.
A practical and step-by-step guide to ensure success in a subscription-based business.


Mayank Pant – Regional Delivery Head, EMEA, Synthesis Systems

Andrew Harris – VP of Sales EMEA – Synthesis Systems

Real-world success stories on how companies thrived in the subscription world. An overview of how a MS Dynamics user business, was able to install Zuora to manage its subscription billing – and integrate it within their Microsoft ecosystem.

10 Mins

Thibault ChauveauPre-Sales EMEA, Zuora


15 Mins



David Warren

David Warren

Principal Director, Zuora

Jessica Y Ho

Jessica Y Ho

GTM – D365 CX, Microsoft

Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris

VP of Sales, UK & EMEA, Synthesis Systems

Thibault Chauveau

Thibault Chauveau

Pre-Sales EMEA, Zuora

Katie Dalton

Katie Dalton

Technical Specialist Dynamics 365, Microsoft

Mayank Pant

Mayank Pant

Regional Delivery Head, EMEA, Synthesis Systems