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Business First

Challenges we solve

We make it our first priority to comprehend the challenges your business is facing and what your business needs. Clearly defining the problem is crucial in finding a solution. We have successfully resolved various intricate issues for our clients and have a proven track record. If you have other obstacles that you would like to discuss with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Unsure about readiness and product selection

Our team guarantees that you are fully equipped and prepared to utilize OBRM, and we assist you in choosing the appropriate product that aligns with your company’s objectives

Lack of right skillsets and expertise

We bring you the right combination of OBRM, technology, domain, and business experts for seamless implementation and maintenance

Manage performance and stability issues

Our OBRM experts will help you optimize data storage, performance and overall impact on production efficiency

Migration and upgrades without disruption

We help you achieve the migration to Oracle with minimal disruption and downtime

Improve ROI and value realization

Our managed services will enhance the value of OBRM through a variety of integration, customization, support, APIs, and other services

Synthesis Value

Get the most out of your Oracle Revenue Management Platform.

Synthesis Systems is an Oracle Communications Gold Level Partner, Cloud Registered Level Partner and Communication Specialist Partner and is widely recognized in the communications industry for its proficiency in selling, implementing and developing Oracle Communications solutions.


Our experts have been involved in almost every implementation of BRM globally


We have global team to support all different timezone in follow-the-sun-model


Unique expertise in performance management, data archiving and purging, and data storage optimization


End-to-end Integration of Salesforce (CRM) with OBRM and various components using Oracle SOA Suite, Java and RESTful services


Pre-paid workflow integration of custom CRM with OBRM, using Oracle AIA (Based on Fusion middleware)


Integration of Siebel with Oracle’s OSM, Huawei Billing System using Oracle’s AIA


Implementations of Finance, SCM, MFG, iProcurement, iStore, iSupplier modules, EAM, EBS and R12 Upgrades


Integration with Oracle Fusion Middleware Components – SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus, AIA Foundation Pack and Pre-built integration, Business Activity Monitoring reporting


Oracle SOA Suite/AIA based workflow integrations (Order to Bill, Order to Activate, Agent Assisted Billing Care, Revenue Accounting)

OBRM Offerings

We understand the philosophy of the core design of BRM platform to guide the customer from Conceptualization, Design, Implementation, Testing, Automation, Deployment and to Manage end-to-end revenue management requirement involving and surrounding OBRM platform.        We have some of the greatest minds in the team who developed and contributed significantly in the design and development of BRM platform, benchmarked the platform for extreme performance, scalability and stabilization.

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Greenfield Implementation
OBRM Performance
OBRM Value Realization
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OBRM Integration
OBRM Testing and Automation

With you at every step

Whether you want to select the right product for your business needs or want to plan for tech modernization, or improve ROI, our experts work with you at each step to help you take the right decision.

Greenfield implementation for faster ROI

Our experts will give a step-by-step plan and execute the entire implementation grounds-up or pick-up from whichever stage it is in, to align with business processes and requirements. Rapid implementation will help you achieve the business goals faster.

Improve performance

Our expertise in performance management and data archiving, purging, and data storage optimization is unique in the industry and infinitely scales the performance.

Maximize your ROI

OBRM managed services enable you to optimize, and customize the implementation to maximize the ROI and improve business efficiency and productivity. The upgrades from on-premise to cloud unlocks further value. 

Scaling the platform

Integrating OBRM with other business systems and applications to streamline processes and increase automation.

Syntehsis Expertise

Ensure that it works all time

Our testing and automation services ensure that the OBRM implementation works across all scenarios, scales as expected and seamlessly integrates with the ecosystem of technologies available. 

Our Experts

Talk to our Experts

Talk to our experts to unlock the potential of OBRM and enable you to grow faster by delivering incredible value to your customers.

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