Oracle BRM Performance Engineering Services

Make your Oracle BRM achieve Peak Performance

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and optimize the performance of your Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) system

The Oracle BRM performance engineering offerings are designed to empower your organization achieve exceptional performance, enhance scalability, and drive revenue growth. Through intelligent fine-tuning and tailored configuration adjustments, we seamlessly align your Oracle BRM infrastructure with your business objectives, ensuring lightning-fast response times and seamless user experiences.

Our team of seasoned experts works closely with you to analyze your existing BRM setup, identifying potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Leveraging their deep understanding of Oracle BRM and industry best practices, they apply a strategic combination of performance enhancements, database optimizations, and caching mechanisms to streamline operations and eliminate inefficiencies.

Key challenges we help you address

Slowness in batches and suboptimal query performance

Frequent alerts getting triggered

Uneven utilization of system resources

Breaches in CPU/Memory thresholds

Out of sync indexes due to unnecessary data

Batch jobs are missing execution SLA

Oracle BRM Performance Engineering Packages

Our team will enable you to maximize your ROI from OBRM investments by optimizing the performance and achieving exceptional efficiencies. 

BRM Batch Performance Review

Optimize the execution time of the BRM batches. Minimize load on DB for better and faster queries.

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When do you need it?

  • Slowness in batches and startup
  • Breach in billing window
  • Sub optimal query performance
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Infrastructure Review

Optimize capacity utilization, baseline infrastructure KPIs with root cause analysis & remediation.

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When do you need it?

  • Breaches in CPU/Memory thresholds
  • Frequent alerts getting triggered
  • Uneven utilization of system resources
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Operational Purge Review & Setup

Purge & archive design & scripts for BRM classes, optimize database performance & resource capacity utilization.

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When do you need it?

  • The database is having lots of junk objects
  • Some BRM classes have grown out of proportion
  • Indexes are out of sync due to unnecessary data
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BRM Closed Account Purge

Significantly optimize the resource capacity utilization, and database performance.

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When do you need it?

  • Closed accounts are piled up in the BRM system.
  • A domino effect on all BRM classes affecting the overall stability of the system
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BRM High Availability Review

Enhance your system scalability, availability and load distribution. Analysis & recommendation of the HA architecture.

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When do you need it?

  • The database is hosting more than 10M subscribers
  • A single pipeline is not able to catch up with load
  • Batch jobs are missing execution SLA
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BRM Platform Migration

Achieve better support, stability, recovery and customer experience

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When do you need it?

  • BRM DB is on an incompatible platform (e.g. HP IA64).
  • Entire database needs to be moved to a supported X86 platform which requires Endian change
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Understand the current baseline of BRM processes and execute target runs through automated regression.

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When do you need it?

  • Analyze the performance of nonfunctional features
  • Unsure about the baselines
  • Uncertain about the environment readiness & sanity
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Comparative Analysis

Compare against the baseline & ensure that there are no discrepancies after a major change in the BRM application

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When do you need it?

  • A significant upgrade happened in the billing process
  • Capture variances during target run execution
  • Unsure about the functional integrity of the billing process
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