Top 11 Sources of Revenue Leakage in SaaS and Subscription Economy

The new four letter word that organizations hate is “Leak.” No organization wants to see hard-earned money—or the money on the table—leaking. It seems that companies, based on their size, are losing anywhere between 4% to 58% of their revenues due to inadequate revenue leakage controls.

One thing that is disheartening to see is that most of the companies are not even able to confidently articulate the percentage of their revenue leakage. This point of view aims to highlight the top 11 sources of revenue leakage in SaaS companies and help them plug whatever is in their control.

The authors of this article are experts in revenue assurance and the subscription economy. The team has created a beta-stage Revenue Assurance solution (named SyRA) to reveal leaking areas and provide 100% visibility into a company’s revenue leakage. The Revenue Assurance practice includes organizational consulting to ensure that the revenue leakage is proactively addressed as part of the design.

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