Subscription Business Advisory for PE Firms

Improve your hit rate – pre and post acquisition of  subscription-based firms

Make the right portfolio investments and enable their rapid growth


With our expertise in the subscription model, we are extremely confident in our ability to guide you towards making the right portfolio investments and ensuring their rapid growth. We understand that the rules of the subscription industry are unique, and standard evaluation parameters often fall short. But with our tailored offerings, we support you through every step of the journey – from pre to post-acquisition of subscription-based organizations. Rest assured, our extensive knowledge and experience will help you conduct a thorough due-diligence, covering both technological and business model perspectives. Let us help you make confident, informed decisions.

What do we bring to the table?

Expertise in technology and business due diligence

Unlock all the blind spots in the subscription business

Measure the portfolio companies with the right metrics

Enhanced valuation with predictable revenue streams

End-to-end partner - from advisory to managed services

Improve the revenue stability & financial viability of the existing investments

Range of Offerings

Acquiring a subscription business is a big decision and our experts will take the risk out of your decisions through in depth due diligence and end-to-end Subscription Monetization services. 

Tech & Business Due-Diligence

Comprehensively evaluate the business, operations, technology, and systems. Understand their viability and scalability to support the business plans.

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What we deliver

  • Comprehensive report covering various evaluation parameters and our recommendations
  • Know any risks, potential challenges upfront
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Tech Modernization Strategy

Get the strategic support to upgrade and optimize the subscription technology infrastructure to meet the business goals.

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What we deliver

  • Existing system evaluation
  • Tailored roadmaps for tech modernization
  • Transition plan
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Transition Planning

Our experts will provide a robust and methodical approach to transition companies into subscription-based models successfully.

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What we deliver

  • A blueprint for implementing subscription models and management systems, and their integration with existing IT infrastructure
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Revenue Leakage Detection

We employ advanced analytics and auditing techniques to thoroughly examine revenue streams, pricing structures, billing processes, for leakage.

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What we deliver

  • Leakage detection across the revenue cycle
  • Recommendations and controls to prevent leakage
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Subscription Model Rollout

Unlock the full potential of your subscription revenue, automate billing processes, enhance customer management.

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What we deliver

  • Subscription systems implementation
  • Subscription intelligence set up
  • Process automation
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Migration & Integration

Bridge the gaps between disparate systems, and transition to modern systems to driven efficiencies and customer experience.

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What we deliver

  • End-to-end migration without disruptions
  • Integration with new ecosystem
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