Hosted Enterprise Subscription Solution [HESS]

HESS (Hosted Enterprise Subscription Solution) Cloud is an enterprise-level hosted and managed solution which includes integrated Synthesis-Salesforce solutions.

A complete end-to-end hosted stack for the digital NOW economy that is:

  • Fully integrated with best-of-the-breed applications
  • Highly available, scalable & secure solution hosted in the largest data centers around the world
  • Business process-driven design and modular approach allows us to replace or add new systems, applications and even components without impacting the whole solution
  • Managed – 24×7 support with incident reporting
  • Monitoring & control services

HESS Cloud Offerings


Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Implementation of a complex CPQ engine to handle both Desktop and Online Subscription models w/ integration to back-end order fulfillment systems.

Agent Billing Care

Integrate Salesforce and billing system with custom workflow rules to automate approvals and notifications.

Salesforce AppExchange Product Development

Experience developing both native and composite apps, managing security review processes and listings on AppExchange.

Custom Cloud App Development

A unified “Collateral Risk Management Platform” on specializing in realty project approvals and project monitoring services.

Integration Solutions

Salesforce integration with Google Charts & Google Maps, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and B2B meeting scheduler Web App to display within Salesforce and for 2-way data exchange.


Cross-industry IoT solution to capture device-to-device interactions with an integrated platform for customer, device, and data management.


End-to-End eCommerce Monetization platform with marketplace capability which encapsulates customer, payment processing, accounting and shipment.


Software Supply Chain Management with License and Subscription Management which includes entitlements.