Data Cloud: Transforming Data into Business Value

Daniel Yarovoy - Synthesis Systems

Ankit Khiwansara, Salesforce Architect, Synthesis Systems

An almost incomprehensible amount of data is created globally each day. Think about it – whenever you use the internet, everything you interact with equates to data creation; multiply that by the billions of people around the world with their own activities, and you start to understand the sheer magnitude of data at hand. While actual numbers are difficult to confirm, an estimated 328 million terabytes of data are created each day, meaning that a whopping 120 zettabytes of data will be generated in 2023 alone. This is up 60x from the 2 zettabytes created in 2010, and this generation continues to rapidly increase year over year.

All generated customer data is stored somewhere – usually across multiple systems – and it sits idly until someone decides to do something with it. Data is an essential asset to the growth of any organization, but only as long as it’s put to good use. So what is the best use? We believe it is for companies to derive insights from their data and use it to build exceptional customer experiences. But if the data is stored across so many different systems, how does one unify it to create actionable insights and business value? In comes Data Cloud.

What is Data Cloud?

Salesforce’s Data Cloud is an option for businesses looking to transform their customer experiences across Salesforce applications. It’s a platform that unifies customer data and allows businesses to act on insights generated by AI. Data Cloud empowers teams to provide customers with what they want (real-time customization of offers, access to information across multiple channels, personalized engagements, and so on), so that your business can move one step closer to creating the long-term loyal relationships that generate recurring revenue.

There following graphic depicts several benefits gained through use of Data Cloud as an Enterprise Solution:  

Salesforce NetSuite Integration

Without harnessing the capabilities of Data Cloud, businesses face creation and maintenance of massively complex and expensive data infrastructure, likely with multiple data patterns each requiring different data platforms and technologies to manage. Several top Salesforce partner apps and capabilities can be connected via Data Cloud to uncover novel use cases. Sagemaker, Amazon’s cloud machine-learning platform, can be used with Data Cloud as well for additional benefits!

Salesforce NetSuite Integration

Image Credits: Salesforce

Collect data at the customer level from many sources.

Data Cloud’s capacity to collect data from numerous different systems and sources allows for thorough data unification. When all data is connected, this allows teams across departments to adapt and engage with the most up-to-date, relevant customer activity in real-time.

Process data through cleansing and deduplication.

Data must be cleansed and de-duplicated to create a single view of the customer; this entails matching customer identities across a company’s many data systems (different emails, nicknames, loyalty rewards numbers, etc.) for clients who have several identities. With a single, unified customer profile, all teams can work in tandem to create the best experiences based on in-the-moment customer behaviour.

Store data for strategic analysis.

Customers’ data needs to be kept and accessible for longer periods of time than in the past, so businesses can identify trends and evaluate how the customer relationship has changed over time. Businesses can create a real data asset that serves as the centerpiece for data-driven marketing plans.   

Harness AI to anticipate and customize experiences.

Data Cloud offers profound insights and intelligent experiences through AI-powered technology. The analytics and insights provided empower teams to make informed decisions and enjoy faster time to value each step of the way.


Ready to take your business to the next level?

Salesforce Data Cloud represents a paradigm shift in data management and customer engagement. By harnessing the power of external data sources, businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking to supercharge your marketing efforts, optimize your sales strategies, or enhance your overall data governance, Salesforce Data Cloud is the key to unlocking your business’s full potential in the digital age.