Enhancing Subscription Management with Zuora Integration for Dynamics 365

Maheshwar Dhadhal, Consultant at Synthesis Systems Inc

Integrating Zuora with Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers several important benefits for businesses, especially those involved in subscription-based services or products. Here are some key reasons why this integration is important:

Seamless Subscription Management: Integrating Zuora with Dynamics 365 allows businesses to manage subscriptions, billing, and revenue recognition seamlessly. This ensures accurate and timely invoicing, reduces errors and improves overall customer satisfaction.

Improved Customer Insights: By integrating Zuora with Dynamics 365, businesses can gain a more comprehensive view of their customers. They can track customer interactions, subscription history, and billing information in one place, enabling them to provide more personalized services and targeted marketing campaigns.

Improved Sales Efficiency: Sales teams can access subscription and billing details directly within the CRM, enabling them to understand a customer’s subscription status, payment history, and renewal dates. This knowledge empowers sales representatives to make informed decisions and tailor their sales approach accordingly.

Better Customer Support: Customer support teams benefit from real-time access to customer subscription information, helping them address queries more efficiently. It leads to faster issue resolution and an overall improvement in customer satisfaction.

Let me walk you through the Integration that we have worked on.

Introduction to the Integration Plugins: The integration plugin, that we have worked on for Dynamics 365 and Zuora aims to automate the process of creating accounts and orders in Zuora based on quote updates in Dynamics 365. Two plugins can help you to sync data between both systems.


Quote to Subscription Plugin

This plugin will streamline the subscription management process and improve data accuracy. Once the Quote is in “Active” status and the user clicks the “Send To Zuora” (Custom Button) to send the quote to Zuora, the plugin is triggered, and necessary details are sent from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Zuora. This ensures that the integration process is initiated at the right time and that the account and subscription details are processed accurately for synchronization with Zuora.

Plugin Benefits: This plugin offers several benefits, including automation of manual processes, improved data accuracy, and enhanced efficiency in managing subscriptions. By automating the account creation process and orders in Zuora, the plugin streamlines the subscription management process and reduces the risk of errors.

Sync Subscription Details from Zuora to Dynamics 365 Plugin

The second plugin is designed to synchronize subscription details between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Zuora. This plugin is triggered when an account is updated in Dynamics 365, specifically when the “Get Subscription Details” (Custom Button) is clicked. The plugin retrieves subscription details for each account number, storing them in a custom entity in Dynamics 365.

Plugin Benefits: The synchronization plugin offers several benefits, including real-time access to subscription details, improved data accuracy, and enhanced reporting capabilities. By synchronizing subscription details between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Zuora, the plugin ensures that both systems are aligned and up to date. It also ensures that the subscription details are accessible and can be used for reporting and analysis within the CRM system.

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