Billing System Consolidation for a Business Management Software

A Case Study

Industry: Business Software Management

Synthesis Service: Migration and Managed Services

Products: Zuora, Cardconnect

The Client

The client is a provider of business management solutions designed to make it easier for entrepreneurs to run and grow their businesses.

The Context & Challenge

  • The client made over four acquisitions and had different business units on different billing systems. The goal was to merge all the billing systems into one for a unified order-to-cash system.
  • Multiple billing systems were leading to challenges with revenue recognition and calculating metrics such as MRR and ARR to fully understand and report on the health of their business.

The Solution

  • Synthesis migrated and launched their newly acquired pPlatform’s subscription services onto Zuora.
  • This included the configuration of their product catalog, chart of accounts, invoice templates, and billing and payment settings.
  • Synthesis configured the Cardconnect payment gateway and supported data migration from their legacy system onto Zuora.

Value Delivered

  • Synthesis executed the project 2X faster to meet the deadline of new product launch
  • The client now has real-time reporting for all its  products.

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