Error Free Billing and New Subscription Product Launch

A Case Study

Industry: Telecommunications

Service: Error-free billing, efficient operations and launch of the new product on Oracle BRM platform

See how Synthesis helped this major telecom company achieve error-free billing, efficient operations, and the launch of their new pre-paid offering on the Oracle BRM platform.

The Client

The client is a large telecommunications company providing a comprehensive suite of customer-inspired wireless communications to consumers and businesses alike.

The Challenge

The client was growing rapidly, but their operations were not running efficiently and much of their billing was being done manually, so they experienced a lot of billing errors. The client also wanted to launch a new prepaid offering, but they didn’t have a platform on which to do so.

The Solution

Synthesis, with its expertise in subscription monetization, empowered the client by:

  • Running and managing the entire billing system
  • Launching the prepaid promotions for per MB & per minutes plans on Oracle BRM  platform
  • Auditing the architectural and functional audits of the pre-paid system
  • Enabling solution to launch data services using Oracle BRM on LTE platform

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