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Challenges we solve

Navigating the complexities of a revenue lifecycle can be daunting. Many businesses struggle to fully leverage the powerful tools, facing challenges such as integrating systems, automating processes, and analyzing data effectively. This often results in underutilized features and missed opportunities for maximizing return on investment (ROI).

Our Conga practice specializes in transforming these challenges into opportunities. Our expert consultants are adept at diagnosing issues and tailoring strategies that align with your business goals. We have solved a range of complex business problems for our customers. Here are some of them. Have any other challenges you want to speak with us about? Get in touch now.

Readiness and product selection

Our advisory services  ensure that you are completely ready for Conga and help you select the right product that meets your business goals.

Improve ROI and value realization

Our managed services will enhance the value of Conga through a variety of integration, customization, support, APIs, and other services

Lack of right combination of expertise

We bring you the right combination of Conga, technology, domain, and business experts for seamless implementation and maintenance

Migration without disruption

If you plan to migrate to Conga, our experts will help you achieve this with minimal disruption and downtime.

Managing customer SLAs by reducing overheads

Our hybrid onshore/offsite models ensure SLA-based services with optimal business and operational costs.

Conga-Based Offerings

Our services are designed to help businesses optimize their use of Conga, solve complex business problems, and achieve their business goals. Our team has expertise in a range of modules, such Conga CPQ, Conga CLM, Conga Sign and other Revenue Lifecycle Management Products.

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Conga Integration
Conga Training
Revenue Leakage

Conga Advisors at every step

Whether you want to select the right Conga product for your business needs or want to plan for tech modernization, or improve ROI, our experts work with you at each step to help you take the right decision.

Implementation across Conga RLM products 

Our Conga experts will provide you with a step-by-step plan and support for setting up and configuring Conga products to align with business processes and requirements. Rapid implementation will help you achieve the business goals faster.

Go beyond standard ROI

Conga optimization and customization services will help you maximize the use of Conga to improve efficiency and productivity and meet specific business needs and requirements.

Customize and scale

Conga integrates well with other ecosystem products. Our experts will help you get it right by integrating Conga with other business systems and applications to streamline processes and increase automation.

Improve adoption

Our experts can train your employees on how to effectively use Conga to maximize its benefits.

Syntehsis Expertise

Detect and prevent revenue leakage

The xfactrs-Conga connector will help you detect and prevent revenue leakage across the revenue lifecycle. 

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